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Written By: CEO - Nov• 07•12

The nice thing about short story collections is that they are easy to put down when you don’t have time to read for hours at a time. They can take the pressure off when you are interrupted a lot or if you fall asleep easily while reading.

A short story is more likely to be finished while you have “just a moment” to read. This is handy when you are on a lunch or coffee break at work; when you fall exhausted into bed at night and can’t keep your eyes open long enough to get through a full chapter in a long book; when you read during the commute to work (you won’t miss your stop because you can’t wait to see if Esmeralda falls off the cliff); or when you’re expecting a phone call or a visitor.

And for some people, this is no small matter: If someone interrupts me during the final showdown in a long book I’ve invested my life in for an entire week and the next paragraph explains how the escape plan was hatched, I get mad. Yes, I succumb to the emotion of the movie in my head. I’m totally wrapped up in the climax of the story and I resent any and all interruptions. It could even ruin my day, set the mood for the rest of it, and I become the Tasmanian Devil of the secretarial pool.

Well, maybe not that bad, but I do like to finish a story I’ve started. And if I don’t have the time to do that, I don’t like it. Short stories fulfill my desire to get to the finish line on my own time, not someone else’s.

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