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Why Thumbnail Books? The theme of this site is “thumbnail” writing…books, stories, essays, etc. That means short, or small…like a “thumbnail” sketch an artist might do when trying out ideas for a painting.

For Writers

Often, potential authors feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the prospect of creating a book because they think they can’t write enough pages and usually quit before they finish, or never even get started.

By reducing the feeling of obligation of getting a result, a writer can feel more inspired, and more confident that they can, indeed, write something if it is short enough to feel manageable.

Here at Thumbnail Books, we want to help you get over the doubt and the dread so you can jump into the waters with both feet without fearing that you are at the deep end of the pool. If you knew that getting your feet wet would only mean landing on the bottom at the shallow end, you could gradually move into the bigger water and feel empowered to jump off the big board much sooner.

For Readers

I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking for a book to read, I stay away from the epic tales that take 1,000 pages to tell.

Life has become so busy for most of us these days, it can feel overwhelming to tackle a big book after tackling big problems all day. If your days are long and arduous, you may prefer lighter reading to lighten the load when you have a moment to relax.

That’s another reason we are Thumbnail Books. We help you find shorter, more achievable reads that can help you get through another stressful day.

Readers can enjoy our referrals to short story books, summary books, and reports on topics that are interesting in a variety of niches.

Writers may find the help they need here to get started on their own book or writing projects.

Welcome to Thumbnail Books.


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