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Book Summaries – Why Do Them?

Written By: CEO - Nov• 07•12

We’re all busy these days, and reading a book becomes more and more difficult for most of us. Who has the time to sit down and relax with a book anymore?

Book summaries to the rescue! If you just need to keep up with the latest information, a summary is a great way to pick up current knowledge on many topics. A summary can be read in a much shorter time than the full, original book, and you can always go back later and work your way through the longer, original version if you want to, when you have more time.

Book summaries are not a new concept, either. Who hasn’t used at least one of the Cliffs Notes publications for a book report in school? Another well-known publisher, Spark Notes, has been around for a long time, too.

Because book summaries have become popular, publishers have proliferated recently, especially online. Thumbnail Books is no exception. We are just getting started and are already finding this publishing niche to be very exciting and fun.

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