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This page will continue to be a work in progress as new books become available.


Our Amazing Dogs is now available for sale at Amazon. Just click on the book cover:

dog book


Important Notes to Myself

A blank book so you can write your own book!

Also useful as a diary, dream journal, poetry, personal notes, address book, recipe collection, pet journal….whatever you want it to be!

Click on the cover to find it at


This second in the series of Our Amazing Cats is now available!  Just click on the book image.
Our Amazing Cats - Vol.2


Our Amazing Cats





Click on the cover to the left to reach the page at

This collection of short stories was written specifically for this book by friends, other authors and myself.




Other books:

How to Make Your Cat Adore You

7 Steps to 9 Lives

The Cat Lady Collection

Moving With Pets





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