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Invitation to Authors

Written By: CEO

The previous project was completed and made available for the 2012 holiday shopping season. Thanks to all the authors who took the time to write something for the book, which can be seen at the link below:

It has been titled “Our Amazing Cats, Short Tales of Feline Inspiration, Adventure and Humor.”

It is now available for sale at, using this link:

The current project is completed and is in line to be printed and then published. Both books will be available on The plan is to have them released and ready to buy as of May 15, 2013. Come back again to find out the exact date, as well as the link to use so you can go to Amazon to get them.

Thanks to all the authors who contributed such wonderful stories to both books! And my personal thanks for supporting me and encouraging me not to give up.

The new books are titled Our Amazing Cats, Vol. 2 and Our Amazing Dogs.

Watch for them!


  1. Anna Balsamo says:

    Loved working on the Amazing Cat book (Part I). The stories in there were great. Some were sad; some were delightful, but all were touching.
    Looking forward to the next two books and working with you again!

  2. MJ Manning says:

    I missed the deadline for the first book, so I definitely want to make sure I get my story in on time for this one! I enjoyed the book very much!

    • BookBoss says:

      Looking forward to reading your story, too! There’s plenty of time at this point, so I hope you can get your story in for Part II!

  3. Nancy Dutton says:

    Hi, Roberta:

    This is great news, two more books! The first book was wonderful. My husband and I enjoyed reading the stories when he was in the hospital.

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