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All 3 “Amazing” Books Now Available

Written By: RJ - Jun• 12•13

Following the release in November of Our Amazing Cats, the next two books, ‘Our Amazing Cats, Vol. 2’ and ‘Our Amazing Dogs,’ were launched on May 15.

Stu Bykofsky, well-known columnist for the Philadelphia Daily News, contributed both cat and dog stories to the books. Written in his inimitable humorous style, his stories include the hilarious account of his beloved dog, Cheech, in Our Amazing Dogs, and Ashes, a failed relationship leftover, in Our Amazing Cats (Vol. 1). Why he refers to dogs as “he” and cats as “she” is fully explored in his book, Cats Are Supermodels, published last year by Stuniversity Press, in which he also mentions some of Dr. Peters’ previously published advice to cat owners.

Colorado professional writer and contributor to both cat books, Nancy Dutton, said, “We writers are lucky to have (Dr. Peters) in our lives,” because of the opportunity for all authors, experienced or beginners, to become published affordably.

Dr. Peters said, “My books are filled with endearing, amusing and sometimes heart breaking tales that will help the reader appreciate all animals in familiar ways, yet with a new dimension of affection and regard for the qualities that make them unique.”

Her previous books include the still popular How to Make Your Cat Adore You, along with 7 Steps To 9 Lives, The Cat Lady Collection, Moving With Pets, Alternative Healing Choices, as well as last year’s Our Amazing Cats (Vol. 1).

In addition to entertaining the reader, Dr. Peters also uses her knowledge of self-publishing to help new writers get their own words into print, perhaps for the first time, as well as to provide a venue for seasoned writers to easily contribute more of their shorter works into the world.

Writers interested in pursuing this extremely affordable pathway-to-print should contact her by leaving a comment in the Reply area. To purchase the books, links to each one can be found on the Book List page.

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